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Serv-A-Care Water Conditioning in Butler, PA, is proud to provide residents and business owners with clean, drinkable water in Butler County. We offer water treatments, water softeners, and water system solutions that work to eliminate hard water.

Water Treatment Specialists

Your family and customers deserve clean water and what better way than with the help of the water experts! Our certified water specialists are knowledgeable and experienced in making sure your water is drinkable. With over 52 years in business, you get more than just clean water; you get quality products and outstanding customer service.
Glass of Water — Water Purification in Butler, PA

Free Water Analysis

Count on us for the most reliable water treatments available. Start with scheduling your FREE water analysis today!


We install and repair your water systems and deliver salt to your location in Butler County. Call 724-283-1104 for details.


Rent or buy our water treatment products for your home or business such as water softeners, water filters, and water systems.

Top-notch Water Solutions

Our water solution products can handle the toughest water problems and provide better tasting drinking water for your family or guests. Our products are built to last and supply quality water all year around. Make water filled with harsh contaminants a thing of the past with Serv-A-Care Water Conditioning. Call 724-283-1104 to schedule your consultation.